Three Things: July 2019

Three movies I've watched more than 20 times

  1. 10 Things I Hate About You
  2. Boondock Saints
  3. Harry Potter and the Scorer's Stone

Three things I don’t do

  1. Wear high heels
  2. Go on diets (attempt moderation, diets)

Three things I'm always up for doing

  1. Snuggling with Babycakes
  2. Visiting new places
  3. Focusing on fixing the problem rather than complaining about it

Three good things that happened this month

  1. Paid off our debt consolidation loan!
  2. Productive family pictures taken
  3. Roomba arrived and it is amazing!


Three things I wish everyone knew so well it was ingrained in their bones

  1. You can change your life, your personality, etc. It won't be easy and it might take a while, but you don't need to complain about things incessantly because you are capable of change.
  2. Everyone truly is fighting a battle you can't see. Pity parties and comparison are pointless because of this.
  3. Failure is fine. It's way better than not trying.


Three things I'm tired of

  1. Apathy
  2. Songs about singing/rapping/etc. We get it, you're an artist, now sing about something the rest of the population can relate to.


Three things I'll never tire of

    1. Reading
    2. Learning
    3. Visiting new places


    Three things I like to photograph

      1. The trees and sky, when I'm lying down during a workout
      2. Babycakes
      3. Bookcovers

      Three things I can't resist

      1. Food
      2. Coffee
      3. Libraries


      1. I love 10 Things I Hate About You and, to this day, continue to have a girl crush on Julia Stiles.
        Dun stole dis.

      2. If a pop-up comes up on a blog, I immediately "x" out without reading. Seriously, why is that still a thing?! I can resist libraries but not bookshops- I will stop at every one I see. With you on high heels- I plan on selling or donating all the ones I have left. Congrats on paying off that loan- that's awesome!