What's New: July 2019

Hubs & I went beach camping in June and it was amazing! We stayed at the Oregon Inlet Campground with several friends from our church small group. The camp sites were a little closer than expected, but it wasn't too bad. The only awkward part was that to walk either onto the dunes or to the bathrooms/showers you had to basically walk through someone's site. But...totally worth it. The hike through the dunes to get to the beach was more than I expected, but it was gorgeous so I didn't mind at all.

Babycakes is signed up for swim lessons starting this month. It's just for a few weeks, and it's a really well-loved program in the area. It's her first time, and I'm a little nervous. As a baby she hated any kind of moving water, from the ocean to splash pads and sprinklers. She's getting better- every year there is a little improvement. We've been practicing having her blow bubbles and put her face in the water every night during her bath, because I've heard that's the first thing they work on in the class.

I'm also thinking of signing her up for a tennis class. One of her little besties does dance and she recently made a comment that she wanted to go to class too. I really don't want to be a dance mom...so I'm looking at other alternatives but she's about a year or two years young for most things. We really want her to do karate or taekwondo, and honestly I think she would like it. But, I can't find anything for her current age range.

Hubs & I are paid off our debt consolidation loan this month!!! Whooo hoo! We've managed to do it in half the expected time, which is AMAZING. It's not all of our debt- but it's by far the biggest chunk of it. And the fact that we've done it early gives us way more hope and inspiration to keep going. We could realistically pay off all debt except our mortgage within the next 3 years. Which is amazing! I know, getting into debt is bad in the first place, but I'm SUPER proud of us for taking responsibility and correcting this error.

WTF is with these super long sunny days?! I am SO OLD you guys. It's 8:00 and time for Babycakes to go to bed, and Hubs and I are dragging...and it's still freakin' light outside. It's barely July and I'm ready for dark and cozy winter nights.

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  1. Fuck a millionty hours of daylight.

  2. My oldest was afraid of water, but after swim lessons for a year years she is much more comfortable now! I've been trying to avoid dance lessons for my oldest too. It's just so much money and time commitment!

  3. Now that I'm living back in the US, there are SO many places within the country I need to visit... Oregon being one of them!! Swim lessons yes!! It's such a valuable skill to have, my parents don't swim and that is one thing they wanted us to have so we learned from when we were babies. I can't imagine not knowing how to swim! ;)

  4. i think it's normal for some kids to hate water; my daughter was like that. even in the shower, she hated getting her face wet (BUT IT'S THE SHOWER) and after a few swimming lessons, she got used to it and has been loving swimming ever since.

  5. that sucks about having to walk through someone's site to get places, that wasn't set up well. congrats on the debt consolidation loan! that is amazing! i am proud of every little step i make in regards to debt, yeah it was silly of me to do it in the first place but my options are a) ignore it and pay a crap ton of interest or b) take charge, work hard and pay it off asap. of course we choose option b! and you should be super stoked. that is awesome.

  6. That camping situation does sound awkward, but sometimes you just have to do what you have to do (especially when you have to use the bathroom - LOL!). The view of the beach looks lovely.