Three Things: August

Songs that make me think of high school
The Best of Me by The Foo Fighters
Hey Ya by Outkast
What's Left of a Small Town by Brantley Gilbert

Things I like to give
Possible solutions to problems
Personalized book recommendations
 The price of anything I buy on sale

Things I like to receive
Coffee Mugs

Things I hate that many people like
Pumpkin flavored coffee (love them individually, but not together)
Being the center of attention

Clothes I find uncomfortable 
Turtle necks- dear God, why?
Heavy, dangle-y earrings
 (are my ears just weaker than everyone else's?!)

Things I love seeing other people post
Sunset Pictures
Random nice things that happened that day
I Voted Stickers

per usual, thanks to Stephanie for sharing on her blog and prompting me out of my blogging slump!

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  1. I wear the same pairs of earrings all the time. You know I'm being fancy when I wear light dangly earrings.