How To Take Care of Yourself When Sick

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Thankfully I don't get sick a lot, but I have about a week each spring and fall when my allergies LOSE THEIR MIND and my body freaks out.

I was fine on Saturday- even lead a 45 minute workout- and then woke up on Sunday with my throat hurting. By Monday it was ON FIRE and on Tuesday I called out of work so I could basically sleep all day and not have to talk to anyone.

One of the most adult-y things I've experienced is figuring out how to take care of myself while sick. I know there are all these different recommendations and medicines and home remedies, all with a variety of anecdotal success rates. I really do believe everyone kind of has to figure out what makes them feel better, but here's mine.

  • Get your flu shot! I am being slightly hypocrital, because I don't have mine yet. I missed my company's annual flu clinic, unfortunately. My plan was to get it this week...and then I got sick. But let's all acknowledge- vaccines are the best proven way to help your body stay healthy. Do not fight me on this.
  • USE YOUR SICK DAYS. I know this is hard for some people, but especially if your work gives you sick days...USE THEM. The number one best thing for your body when sick is rest. Even if it's boring or guilt-inducing, DO IT. 
  • For stomach bugs:
    • Pepto
    • Gatorade (I prefer blue or clear, my husband likes red)
    • Chicken Soup
    • Saltines
    • Sprite
  • For allergies or colds:
    • These are different, but can have some of the same symptoms, so I'm putting them together.
    • OTC medication that FITS YOUR SYMPTOMS
    • V8 (cold & thick- great for sore throats)
    • Gargle with hot saltwater (I usually do this in the morning)
    • Hot tea or cider with honey (can also add lemon & whiskey)
    • Chicken Noodle Soup
      • Can also try tomato soup with a grilled cheese, if you feel up to it
    • Sit in a bathroom with the shower running full blast on hot (the steam is good for loosening gunk)
What's your go-to remedy when sick?

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  1. Eating marshmallows for my sore throat/cough definitely helped. Not sure if it was an actual remedy to my problems (i.e. the soothing of my throat), butttt my moral was improved.. and so I've continued to incorporate marshmallows to my diet, lol.

    Also, TAKE SICK DAYS FOR THE PEOPLE AROUND YOU. I hate when people come to places sick, especially if no one is going to die if you're not there. In our office, it's easy because we can telework, so if someone comes in sick the tribe literally votes them off the island and sends their ass home in a cloud of lysol. NOT TODAY, SATAN.

    And it's kind of a preemptive care thing, but I try to be mindful of washing my hands regularly after being in public and wiping down my spaces with a wipe/soap and cloth periodically. I wipe down my desk at school. I wipe down the door handles and cabinet/drawer pulls at home. I wipe down my steering wheel and gear shifter. Not every day, but once a month or so (more for the school desk since it's shared with germ buckets).