Stuff From the Internet: October 2019


This video from Hank Green at Vlogbrothers, which is peak 2019 yet hopeful and connecting.

Ours Poetica is a YouTube channel collaboration where people read poems- sometimes the authors, sometimes the spouses, sometimes celebrities, sometimes just people who love poems. Highly recommend. I really like it because often the speaker will tell a story- what they were thinking when they wrote it, where they were the first time they read it, who shared it with them, etc. You may not like every poem, but you will almost certainly like some of them.

I'm really torn on this Ellen thing. I don't think that ignoring differences will enact change...but neither will screaming at someone that they are wrong (even if they are absolutely wrong). If I cut every single person in my life who felt differently on immigration than I do, I would have almost no one of any color left. And guess what? No one would feel differently about the issue- just about me. I do fully believe you have to win hearts and minds to truly win a war. And you can't do that with least, I can't, and maybe that's what Ellen was saying too.



 I want to show this to everyone who complains about having to be politically correct. You don't have to, and intentions matter, but if you are intentionally ignoring the fact that you are hurting people, yes you are an asshole.
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