Three Things: October 2019

Places I never want to go

Chinese buffet
the dentist
Haunted Houses

Places I always want to go

-the mountains
-the library
-TJ Maxx


Appetizers I will eat at any time

-mozzerella sticks
-fried pickles
-chips & salsa

Wall colors in my house


Things I'm looking forward to this month

- Harry Potter Themed Halloween Party
-checking items off my Christmas shopping list
-finally selling odds & ends that we don't need

Places I enjoyed in my youth

-skating rinks
-swing sets
-tree branches

Things 10 year old me never expected to spend so much money on

-light bulbs


  1. -I sometimes enjoy the Chinese buffet.. but it would probably take a LOT for me to go to a Golden Corral.
    -<3 the mountains.
    -<3 mozz sticks and chips and salsa forever
    -$$ spent on BRAS.. WTFFFF???? I hoard VS coupon like an addict. I used to buy whatever fit well enough on clearance, but now that I'm old, I found a style I like and I will not stray.. even if it's sooo cliche that it comes from VS.