What's New With You: October 2019

I posted a long time ago, when someone said some sexist shit about women in country music, about making an all-female artist list on Spotify. I'm now at 670ish songs...and the last chunk is Loretta Lynn. This woman is so snarky and I effin' love it. Can I immediately join the fan club? Thanks!

My husband got serious about his diet and exercise recently....like, lost 25 lbs in two months serious. And I'm so proud of him! Seriously, he's amazing. But...he complains that I don't cook anymore...but healthy cooking when you have to be super conscious of everything is really frustrating to me and no, I don't want to do it. So...we are going to have to work on that.

Anyone who talks about "terrible twos" has clearly never dealt with a three year old. Y'all, I rolled my eyes at the term three-nager originally but...omg, it is fact. Babycakes is still wonderful and funny and so dang smart it can be annoying. She's just also quite possibly the most dramatic, and this crying at everything is very hard for me to deal with. Both selfishly because...dude, sometimes you just turn off the damn TV and it's not worth crying over. But also because she already apologizes for things that aren't her fault and gets really scared at things that aren't scary and as a parent all I want is for her to be brave and happy.

Also, we've gotten our first eye-roll! And our first spiteful action- we went to this fall harvest thing and had to force her to climb this big inflatable slide (totally age appropriate, all her friends were doing it). She cried but then definitely smiled and laughed while doing it. Once she got off and Hubs asked if she wanted to go again, she kind of squinted at him and said no...then did it of her own volition maybe 30 minutes later.

I've bought a few Christmas presents already, and a Christmas decoration. I know some people are probably saying it's too early...but it's way less stressful for me to have a plan and just do it piece by piece. My goal is to be 90% done by Black Friday, so I can actually enjoy the month of December.

Don't think I am bypassing holidays though...SUPER pumped for Halloween. My dad is kind of anti-Halloween so it wasn't a super big holiday in my childhood. But it's Hubs favorite, and it's kind of super fun to have a kid at Halloween. Of course...he wants super creepy and she doesn't. So I am kind of trying to balance the two. We're having a Harry Potter themed Halloween party for our friends and I'm SO EXCITED!

What's new with you?


  1. the 4s were the worst for us....K breezed by 2 and 3 with no issues and the it was like she saved up all of that just for 4...and it was a whole year of drama and devil-child and omg we were like where is our sweet little girl?!

  2. HP Halloween party sounds legit. We've been invited to a few events, but I'll probably be stuck in homework hell. ALTHOUGH, I did schedule a massage for Halloween and we leave the following day for our anniversary weekend, so I'm considering that my celebration, lol.

    Also, if HE'S the one on the restrictive diet, HE should be coming up with ideas, otherwise HE gets to fend for himself while I ensure that the spawn and I get properly fed.. ya know, if I was you. Cooking is ranked right below cleaning the toilets, so that's just how it is.

  3. Halloween is really not a thing in Switzerland so we won't be doing anything. I might make like Halloween themed cupcakes or something since I'm off work that week. Your party sounds like it will be so much fun!

  4. I don't do a ton for Halloween, so I generally do "fall" until the end of October and then think about Christmas.

    I've heard that age 3 is so much harder than 2. Every parent I've asked has said that. All parents of girls, so there might be something to that.

  5. my (er, soon to be ex) husband had very specific requirements for the food he wanted to heat and it did get very frustrating. i feel you there. i don't have a ton of people to buy christmas gifts for, the majority i do are in australia so i have to get it done early. that time of year is stressful enough, why not do whatever we can to make it easier?

  6. Currently dealing with a very strong willed not even yet two year old at home and I've heard the meltdowns only get worse! It's a fun age though, I love that she's finally saying words and expressing herself!

  7. I don't think buying Christmas gifts early so you don't stress the F out in December counts as rushing it.

    Whoever has the specific requirements should make the food! In an ideal world at least