Bullet Journal 2020 Walk-Through

Writing my BuJo & Anxiety post was an interesting walk down memory lane. I've definitely tried and kept and lost a lot in the past 2.5 years.

The thing I love most about bullet journaling is that it is completely customizable and can be used for all purposes, all the time. Mine consists of lots of little lists and projects that aren't really worth sharing (like, Christmas gift spreads or shopping lists for Babycake's birthday party, etc). These are super helpful at the time, but I don't move them from one bullet journal to the next.

Each year, I like to start a new journal. The past two years I have been using the Leuchtturm1917 notebook. This is a popular choice, and I really like it. But, I haven't been filling it up in a single year. So when I found these notebooks on sale for 2$ at Hobby Lobby, I bought several and decided to give them a try (mine were on clearance, but looks like HL sells them regularly now just with newer designs).

Pros: I actually like the lined graph more than the dotted graph, simply personal preference. The paper quality is very good- the LT1917's most popular complaint is "ghosting" where you can see through from one side to another. It didn't bother me personally, but I can definitely tell a difference.

Cons: the pages aren't pre-numbered, only one ribbon bookmark, no envelope pocket on the back cover for storage, less pages.

I only numbered the even pages, which wasn't too bad. I can easily make do without the bookmarks, I'll just use some washi tape or a paperclip instead (I pretty much only bookmark my currently monthly & weekly spread, so will most likely paper clip my current monthly). And I may tape an envelope to the back cover to make my own storage pocket. So, all in all, completely serviceable at a much lower price.

The first pages in my bullet journal are always my key and my index pages. Pretty simple.

Next I do 12 traditional monthly calendar layouts, instead of the "future log." Since my journals usually last a year, this is just more logical. This is by far the most time-consuming, since every month starts on a different day of the week/has different number of days/etc. Which is why it's set up starting in November, so I can work on it in my spare time and not feel rushed. If I have time, I may add a banner with the month name or some seasonal doodles once the month hits.

Probably my favorite spread is this bill tracker. I don't know how I ever kept up with any bills before this. Seriously...it's crazy. I did not expect it to work...but it just does. I like being able to clearly see what has and hasn't been done. I also sometimes note my account numbers and stuff like that.

This is another very helpful, but random page. The left page, Random Dates, has become a place to track car maintenance and when I changed my contacts, haha. I'm not sure when I will stop migrating this full list...I'll think about that more once I actually fill up a full page of it.
The right page is supposed to be Random Notes...not another Random Dates. This has stuff like usernames for accounts I rarely use, password hints (never the actual password), after hours info for our pediatrician office, and the shades of my favorite lip color.

I posted a while back about my Personal Commandments. I have a little post-it with these on my desk, and I still think about them. Not saying I follow them perfectly every day, but when I am struggling this is a good way to reign my thoughts back in and ground myself.
I made this little "Eat the Rainbow" spread for myself because I am a huge snacker, and I really want to start making healthier choices and eat a bigger variety of foods. We'll see how much it's used...

Another one of my favorite pages is a list of our favorite meals. This makes meal planning soooo much easier. Part of the reason I've been so annoyed at hubby's diet changes is because it no longer WORKS WITH MY SAVED MEALS. So, we're slowly working to update that, haha.

Living near the coast of North Carolina means we get a yearly hurricane. Rather than Google the best hurricane prep tips, I've written my own list. Yes, I should remember; but writing things down does help me remember. So even if I never look at that list again, the act of writing it has imprinted it on my mind.
There are lots of little projects I want to do around the house...this helps me keep it all straight, focus on one area at a time, and stay on budget. 

I often order from an online store that is super cheap, and run by a local person from my hometown...but does not have the best updates. So I made this Online Order Tracker for myself so I can keep up with what has arrived and what hasn't.
The right side is an Alastair calendar- basically it's a yearly calendar for 2021 so the few days I need to keep track of for the next year are there but don't take a lot of room. Looks weird if you aren't used to it so check out the post about this type of calendar.

I'm very excited for these pages. It's not meant to be a checklist, so much as a reminder of the variety of ways we need to take care of ourselves.

Some pages I will be giving up in this new BuJo, at least initially (unless I find I miss it, in which I'll add it back):
  • Date night ideas
    • Just didn't go to, & we've figured out our fav spots
  • Cleaning spreads
    • We are doing better about doing this without needing a list, but I am glad I always have it in my back pocket if I start feeling overwhelmed
  • Blog planning
    • Going digital- I am ALL ABOUT ANALOG but since I have to blog on the computer...it makes sense to keep my blog schedule digitally
  • Outfit of the Day Tracker
    • This was helpful when I was newly postpartum and felt like I was wearing the same thing all the time, to make me switch it up, but I've fallen way off lately and don't miss it, so won't be doing it anymore

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  1. Alastair calendar makes my brain happy and idk why, but it does.