Show Us Your Books: December 2019

Hello, fellow readers! Hope you are having a great month and able to squeeze in some relaxing reading time during this holiday season. Merry Christmas, or Happy Everything, whatever you are celebrating! And if you aren't...I hope you still eat lots of good food and feel some love.

I'm extra thankful that my reading slump from last month is officially over! I've been on a roll with good books and enjoyed all my recent reads. With that, let's get on to the books.

Confessions of a Domestic Failure by Bunmi Laditan
I super enjoyed 95% of this book. It is an honest, snarky, only slightly exaggerated, realistic view that was me the first year after having a baby (minus, I wasn't staying at home). The last 5% of the book was a little cheesy for me, and unnecessary, which makes it 4/5 rather than 5/5. But I'd still overall recommend. 4.5/5

I will always read/watch/listen/intake Caitlin Doughty's work. She is a mortician who advocates for the good death (literally, that's her organization). She is all about being realistic about death and knowing the different ways to handle it. This book is full of questions that she's gotten from children regarding death. They are super interesting and she answers straightforwardly with slight snark. Also, surprisingly adorable death cartoons. 5/5
Small gripe not specific to this book: WHY DO ALL NON-FICTION BOOKS NEEDS SUPER LONG SUBTITLES?!?! Will My Cat Eat My Eyeballs? is a great title. It needs nothing else.

Laura & Emma by Kate Greathead
This is one of those books that didn't super have a point. That's fine, I can enjoy those, but I don't think it was done quite as well as it could have been. Laura is a WASPy New Yorker who gets pregnant off a one-night stand. The book weaves in and out of Laura & her daughter's view year by year. It's an interesting look at a super privileged person who does still have some semblance of concern and awareness, but not a complete awareness. This was also one that I liked until the last was just random and ambiguous, and there is one way it could go that I would be fine with and another that I would be very against...anyway. 3.5/5

The Crossing Places and The Janus Stone by Elly Griffiths 
(Ruth Galloway #1-2)
I read The Crossing Places without realizing that it was part of a series. Pretty sure this was on my TBR from this link-up, so thank you to whoever shared it! But it was really enjoyable, so when I logged it via Goodreads and saw that it was a series I decided to read the next one. They follow an archeologist and police detective in the UK who end up working a case together. Seeing as how I love Bones, this isn't a surprise that this made it to my TBR. This was like the Goldilocks of books for me, in lots of ways. There was just enough mystery, just enough history, just enough myth, just enough everything without being too much anything. The relationships got a little weird, and the first book was slightly preferable. But I'll likely continue the series. There's something like 10 books, so not sure I will read them all straight through, but at some point. 4/5 for both

What have you been reading lately? Link-up and let us know!
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  1. I really enjoyed Confessions of a Domestic Failure by Bunmi Laditan and I'm not even a mom! Will My Cat Eat My Eyeballs? sounds kind of fantastic and I must read it now.


  2. I have Confessions of a Domestic Failure on my TBR, so glad to hear another good review of it!

  3. Oooh, Laura and Emma sounded enjoyable enough until you mentioned that ambiguous ending- I don't like those! I like to know what actually happens! Confessions sounds pretty good too, I just wonder if I'd like it as much not having kids.

  4. I totally agree with you with reference to nonfiction and their super long subtitles... WHY??? LOL

  5. Just went to my Goodreads, The Crossing Places is already on there. I knew it sounded familiar LOL

  6. i had no idea that is what the cat eating the eyeballs book was about lol. good to know. totally agree about the subtitles though, why is that a thing these days?!

  7. I think as a stay at home mom I could totally relate to your first pick. I am so glad my boys are older now; I loved having babies and toddlers around but wow was it ever exhausting!

  8. I really enjoy the Ruth Galloway series too! :)

  9. Will My Cat Eat My Eyeballs? is kind of an ongoing discussion at our house. It seems entirely possible, based on our cats' personalities.

  10. Will My Cat Eat My Eyeballs sounds like such a fun and interesting read. Also a legit question.

  11. I could not understand how the Domestic Failure main character was just so bad at everything? I mean, I had mild PPD and moved across the country before my kid was 8 months old and she legitimately couldn't handle "just" staying at home with a baby. It wasn't that she was unfulfilled; it was that she literally couldn't do anything right. Anywho, lots of feelings about that one lol.