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Like every other parent of a small child I know, we watched Frozen II recently! TBH, I kind of loved it. It's definitely a more complex plot than the first one, which was super simplistic. But my kiddo still liked it, even if she didn't "get" everything. There are lots of good things to say about it, but my favorite is this- along with wonderful, independent "strong female characters" in Anna & Elsa (who have very different strengths but both valuable and worthy in their own right), there is also a great emotionally mature male character. I'm all for strong women, although I am super annoyed that "strong female character" is so unusual it has to be specified. But I dislike that those women are so often portrayed against men. Kristoff is a wonderful character because he respects these awesome women and truly views them as equals while knowing his own worth...it's just a great relationship and character and I'm so glad all of them shine. Also, sorry not sorry, that soundtrack is kind of amazing. It's been consistently playing in our house and no one is mad about it.

I was going to buy some locally made stocking holders that someone posted on Facebook, but backed out. I apologized, but didn't feel too bad because they were offered as customizable and I was only getting plain. So I figured NBD, she could just personalize them for the next order. She came back a little tartly and said she hoped I wouldn't waste other artisan's time in the future. Which like, I get but really? Had they actually been custom I would have went through with it, but there is literally no reason these can't be used on the very next customer...I didn't waste your time, you're just ready for the next order even faster. So...idk. Felt very weird, and it's crap like this why people order from Amazon because it's just damn easier.

I was invited to a mom's group on FB by a friend. I usually don't belong to these, because...drama and annoyance. However, I liked this mom so I decided to join. I answered literally one question, against the grain because I'm the only mom who believes in LISTENING TO DOCTORS AND EXPERTS and got some backlash (apparently yearly check-ups are a scam, and unnecessary, and some other crap). Immediately left the group...I am not interested in being a stranger's "yes mom."

I've mentioned my husband basically made this huge life change regarding his health/diet/exercise. He hit his one-year goal in less than 6 months; it's ridiculous. Anyway, it's making me feel like I need to do more because I do not want to be the one who let myself go while he's super buff over there. I think I offended him by saying he was going to be the prettiest one in the relationship and to please not leave me. I don't think I'm the prettiest, guys, I just thought we were fairly on the same level...apparently this was rude! Bahaha. Anyway...we'll see how it goes. Today was day one and it actually worked out really well, time wise. I've had awful headaches on and off the past few weeks, so I didn't even really miss any sleep time because I've been sleeping like crap anyway.  
To be clear, because...this is the internet, my husband is not insulting me or telling me to do this or in any way making me feel bad. It's more of a begrudging inspiration that I'm moderately annoyed at but also know I probably need. And it's 100% my decision.

My workout group, FiA, needed a new website. Previously we went through the national site, which used Wordpress. But they canceled that and encouraged each region to make their own. I did ours almost entirely myself, and through Blogger. I was going to stick with WP but we couldn't get a custom domain name without paying 40$+ dollars a year which seemed excessive. I talked them into Blogger instead and everyone is LOVING it. They say it's so much easier and they are much more likely to use it. So, wooo hoo, happy dance, go me!

I'm not making any specific donations for Giving Tuesday...but I'm not letting myself feel guilty. I do payroll deductions at work for a variety of charities, I donate to my church (specifically a program that directly feeds children in need via relationships with public schools, so doesn't only benefit church members), and I have my Amazon Smiles charity set to a local organization with employees I know work very hard and do a lot for the community. So, I'm telling myself that these consistent donations are better than one bigger one.

I recently purchased a new devotional. I have been having...not a crisis of faith, not a lack of faith...but a lack of connection, I guess? I may come back and talk about this more in-depth...but for now, I am just going to say that I really like that this devotional comes with a journal (rather than me writing in a different notebook like usual)- plus it has really good quality paper. I think the holiday season is a perfect time to remember the importance of resting, and being still, and listening for Him.
100 Days of Less Hustle More Jesus - Devotional Journal by Shanna Noel

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  1. wow, how rude was that person about the stockings. are you kidding me? it's not like you asked for them to be customised and then changed your mind after she made them. how rude.

  2. Wow, that was rude about the stockings. I would understand if she had already customised them then you pulled out .
    I haven't even seen Frozen 1 yet! Lol.

  3. If you are going to sass me, I'm going to make sure no one I know gives you business. Also, "ARTISAN?" fuck you, lady.

    Disney related, we're going to see the Broadway Lion King performance next week since they are in town. I'm kinda pumped.

    YAY for tech refresh. Change is always hard, so yay for people actually wanting to use it!

    I often feel guilty for how infrequently I work out compared to Husband, but my gym membership cost $60 for the year and that's not $60 a month, so I don't feel money guilt and I'm not dying when I climb the stairs, so I'm giving myself a pass. I run when I can, but with school, I have legitimate excuses and I'm trying to work on cutting myself some slack.. and working out is the first thing on the list that doesn't happen when I'm overtasked. /shrug.

  4. I want to know what ? you asked in the moms' group lol. I find the moms' groups I belong to on FB for this town to be endlesssss sources of amusement (and making me feel better about myself!).

    We donated to St. Jude for the longest time and then we changed credit cards and never picked it up again. We do give a lot of money to family members who just need help (i.e. pay cell phone bills, pay rent, etc). We're not affiliated with a church here so I think that closes a lot of potential doors for legit causes.

    I've come to realize that devotionals might be not be the best way to feel connected just because it's someone else's words. The Bible Project has an amazing series of videos that I use/used just to learn more in general.

  5. Isn't it crazy how much easier men can lose weight in comparison to women? Just goes to show how power our hormones are. Good luck in your fitness/health endeavor. I've been on my own person quest for about 3.5 years now, so I understand the struggle. Just don't give up. :)