Show Us Your Books Link-Up: February 2020

Hello, everyone. Haven't blogged since last month's SUYB, but I have read a fair number of books! For those of you who are regular readers, a general check-in is coming later this week...but hey, I'm alive.

I have two reading goals this year, which include 1) read more new releases, 2) read the Goodreads 2019 Choice Awards / Best Books of the Year.

Southern Lady Code Helen Ellis
This book was so hilarious. I loved it. Helen Ellis is classically Southern, who moved to New York, and recognizes the beauty and insanity of both worlds, and comments on them with incredibly wit.
4 Stars

The Bullet Journal Method: Track the Past, Order the Present, Design the future by Ryder Carroll
As someone who has been bullet journaling for over three years now, I kind of felt like I needed to read this book. It was a little much in some parts, where he gets very...introspective and thoughtful about some things that just didn't need it, IMO. But there are so many Facebook groups and YouTube channels that bullet journaling seem like it's only for people with unlimited free time and A+ artistic skills, so I deeply appreciated this reminder that the system was developed to be a useful tool rather than a DIY trophy to show off.

The Year of Living Danishly: Uncovering the Secrets of the World's Happiest Country by Helen Russell
If it weren't for my family's inevitable freak-out, the ridiculously cold weather, and the fact that Danish is really hard to learn...I think I could move to Denmark. Nice to see a country that actually cares about it's citizens. I don't think we could ever get this socialized in America, for many reasons...but it's a dream.

The Line that Held Us by David Joy
Um...wanted to love this, didn't. I actually told my husband...maybe I've read too many female authors, because this felt very dude-y in a bad way. I didn't connect to the characters, one of them slowly descended into madness, and the ending was a fucking let-down and weird. It's from an NC author, and set in a world that I actually know really well (Southern, small town, hunters, tight families)...but it just wasn't the book for me.

The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides
This book made me confident that I wasn't hating on male authors, just that last book. This one won the best Mystery & Thriller category on Goodreads, and for good reason. Nice psychological thriller. Not confident about all the psychology in it, certainly never heard of some of the theories put forth...but that's the psych degree talking. Overall a great read.

The Mother-In-Law by Sally Hepworth
 Another multi-perspective family story that completely won me over. The MIL relationship is super weird, and that was nice to see discussed. BUT, I really liked how things that seemed completely stupid and random and even offensive from one person's point of view, made complete sense and was actually super sweet from the other person's perspective. COMMUNICATION. As a species, we are not good at it. I identified with the DIL because, well, I am one- but I identified with the MIL personality wise.

The Hand of the Wall (Truly Devious #3) by Maureen Johnson
 This is the third and final installment of the Truly Devious series. I have the same review of it as I had of the last one- pretty good, probably would be better if I had just read them all in a row. I love a series, but do not do well with a gap between books. Fun and interesting YA read.

Dear Girls: Intimate Tales, Untold Secrets, and Advice for Living Your Best Life by Ali Wong
Winner of the Goodreads Humor category. And for good reason! SO HILARIOUS. If you know women of child-bearing age, please at least read the chapters about miscarriage and new motherhood. Sounds lame, but if you know women going through either of these stages (which is just statistically likely) then you NEED to in order to not be an ass (probably, maybe you're naturally super smooth but most of us aren't). It's a testament to her skill as a comedian that these chapters are fundamentally hilarious while also perfectly encapsulating the range of emotions these stages come with.

What have you been reading lately? Link-up and let us know!
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  1. I now have to read The Year of Living Danishly!!

  2. I really want to read The Silent Patient. I'm glad you enjoyed that one so much.


  3. I loved The Mother in Law!

    There was absolutely no sunshine in The Line That Held Us.

  4. This just reminded me that I think I have like 20% left of The Year of Living Danishly and I need to just finish it. The post I read right before this also mentioned The Mother in Law, and Southern Lady Code sounds really interesting, I just checked and it's on my TBR.

  5. I just finished MIL and really enjoyed it. And I agree, some comments were harmless from one POV and offensive from another. Ali Wong's book is on my TBR but I want the audio since I presume she's reading it.

  6. I have the Silent Patient and need to read it. I agree about the MIL, so interesting to see things from different perspectives.

  7. I enjoyed The Mother-in-Law. The Silent Patient has been on my to read list. And that Ali Wong book looks like a fun read!

  8. The MIL is on my TBR list.
    And now, Southern Lady is too. ;)

  9. I love Ali Wong! She’s hilarious. Sally Hepworth is a must read for me, so I have that on my TBR. I am adding southern lady!

  10. I started reading Ali Wong's book but the library snatched it back before I finished. And I agree about reading the miscarriage/tough delivery sections, because I have inadvertently said something stupid out of simple ignorance with no malice intended, but that isn't helpful to someone who is suffering. Plus, I very much want women who have had one to know they are not alone. I adored The Silent Patient. Such a compulsive read! I read the first book, Truly Devious, but it didn't enthrall me enough to continue reading. I might consider it now that all the books are out. I love a good series and, like you, too long of gaps get frustrating and a little confusing for me because I'm old and forgetful. :D

  11. I've read in passing about bullet journaling. That may be a good book for me to look into :) Thanks for sharing!

  12. The Silent Patient was good.

    I wanted to facepalm at the beginning of every chapter of The MIL because you could SEE the exact communication issue and no one was doing anything to fix it!

  13. I think the Year of Living Danishly would be great for me in 2020. I have a bullet journal for work and it is so basic and works so well for what I need it to do. It's also barely legible but I digresss. When I see the artsy bullet journals I keep asking "where are your bullets?" I mean yes that hand-drawn washing machine for laundry day is cute but where are the bullets?

  14. good to know about the truly devious series, i'll try and read them back to back. i definitely find i enjoy series better when i read them closer together