Covid Check-In

Hello, world! Hope you are all reading this from a nice and cozy spot at home. And if not...dude, go home. Seriously. Wherever you are. Except on the slim chance you actually have to report to work right now, but in that probably shouldn't be reading this.

Last week my employer started talking about preparing for telework and limiting social contact and all the stuff the rest of the country was starting to grapple with. North Carolina public schools were closed over the weekend. Somehow, daycares were not closed so Babycakes went on Monday and I went to work per usual. But everything was so crazy and seemed like it was about to shut down, as grouping restrictions went from 50 to 25 to 10. Daycare remained open but basically asked us to keep our kids home if we could, to ensure they stayed open for as long as possible for those who do not have another option.

So we preemptively started our restriction on Tuesday once I got the full go-ahead to telework from home. I have a daily schedule and lots of Pinterest activities in my back pocket, so we'll see how it goes. The uncertainty was more than I could handle, and choosing to stay home was my small grasp at somehow having control. Also, I just really did not think daycare would last this full week.

Although apparently they were doing some form of "health checks" that included taking temps at drop-off, according to some friends. They are about to start this at Hubby's work also- anyone with a fever is sent home and immediately supposed to do a 14 day self-quarantine at home.

Teleworking is interesting. The only part of my job I can do from home is a busy-work type of job that wasn't a priority. However, there's a lot of it and it will keep me busy for a while and was on the horizon eventually. I'm getting up early and staying up late, so I am not just on the computer all day while Babycakes is zoned out in front of the TV. It's slightly easier on Hubby's days off, as he can be the "front-line parent" so to speak. Apparently our time-keeping site does not like my night hours though, as it's not recording it correctly. So that's interesting. Some specific paid leave has been granted for certain positions for sickness or care duties, so I am hoping to potentially do part telework and part paid leave. I've been going to bed at 10-10:30 and waking up at 4:30-5:00, which is less sleep than usual. Not terrible, but not sure I can do it 5 days a week.

I'm a little bit in "Army Wife" mode. That means...a part of me has just accepted that things are crazy and I've narrowed focus and am just sort of absorbing the hits. This is unprecedented, but some feelings are familiar. Unpredictable schedule? Check.  Feeling isolated? Check. Relying on technology for social interaction? Check. Disrupted life for the sake of a greater good? Fuckin' check.

To be clear, I accept this likely means I will have a breakdown after all this is over. That seems to be my pattern. It's not a bad patter, honestly, and I'm cool with it. Just want to be clear.

Babycake's birthday is next month. We were supposed to have a party at a local park, and also visit my family who live a few hours away. Both of those things are up in the air at the moment. Currently though, she is basically loving the fact that we are together all day. I've honestly stepped up my mom game a lot, bahaha. So she's doing cool new activities and we're playing outside and she gets to watch at least one Disney movie a day while I work (maybe 2,

I hope people listen and just stay the fuck home. If everyone would just calm down, rest for two weeks, recharge, and stay away from each other...this will pass. It will pass anyway, but the idea of someone's pride killing others is one that really fucking angers me.

A lot of it is truly ignorance or a coping mechanism, IMO. A friend was being annoyingly blase about the whole thing, and it wasn't until she realized how seriously the hospital she worked at was taking things and heard a local doctor speak that it sort of shook her. So we were almost a week apart in our journey to understand this...think of how many people she could have infected in that week if she was sick. And she wasn't even one of the ones going out to eat or anything, because our city had already clamped down on some of that.

She did comment that it was a little scary seeing the government impose restrictions. Y'all...freedom does not come free. Everyone pays a price for it. Freedom to live > Freedom to eat in a restaurant. Get better priorities. And reminder- freedom is not individual. It is collective. No man is an island. You have connections, more than you realize, and your actions have effects. You are not free from the consequences of decisions.

Anyway. Basically...we're fine here at home. At least for the moment.

Now, are you?

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  1. I'm 100% trying not to let all the social media (and husband) hype get to me. There is nothing I can do about it other than minimize my time in public and that's a life goal even without CV, sooooo here we are. My work has picked up since we've been teleworking. I think a lot of it is due to the fact that people are bored and there is no longer a set stop/go time. People work weird hours and that means more work for me. Siiiiigh.