More Thoughts on Moving Forward

NC recently moved into Phase 2 of post-COVID life. This wasn't as much as originally hoped for- playgrounds are still shut, bars did not open (there was arguments that restaurants could open and bars couldn't...anyway). But the recommendation from officials seems to be "We're legally allowing things to open, but please still stay home as much as possible."

Babycakes has gone to daycare, which is a big deal. It's helped a, I can't even describe it. I am working 40 hours a week instead of 20, but it's SO much easier. Working from home isn't terrible when you aren't also parenting a four year old.

Although, I do want to say...I feel like the last few weeks of COVID quarantine really saw some growth in Babycakes. I don't know if this was due to my attitude, her boredom, the new stuff she got over the quarantine (playset, bike, etc). But one thing we really started working on was getting her used to playing alone. This has come a LONG way in the last few weeks and I feel good about that.

That being said, she is SO happy to be back at daycare. She is such a social creature...I don't share that quality with her, but I recognize it. I can tell she isn't used to it, because she comes home so tired every day, haha! Things are still different there, because of state requirements due to the health pandemic, but it's interaction and stimulation besides what she gets at home.

Our church has bumped up some things due to the new exceptions to NC's gathering rules. They will be opening soon...and I don't think we will be going. There are lots of people who feel the need to be back in that building...and I am, quite frankly, a little hesitant. I appreciate how hard the church staff is working, but it seems like a lot of effort and I'm just not sure about it. And part of me feels really bad about that. But...thinking it over, I don't do hoops. I just don't.

A friend from our small group talked about maybe doing a group online watch, because our church has always done online streaming anyway. So I am hoping to start with that smaller group and then move on.

We did a photo scavenger hunt throughout town with that group, and then had an outside meeting to talk about moving forward, so that was really great because I got to see people I hadn't seen in months (that I used to see nearly every week). The "leaders" are being very respectful and cautious and I appreciate their level of thoughtfulness in moving forward.

I really want to go back to my workout group...but I have a sore throat. I called my doctor just to be sure, and he did not bother testing me for COVID 19 or telling me quarantine. Probably because I have no other signs/symptoms. But I do still feel slightly irresponsible going out in public without a mask for the moment. So, I'm not sure. I read that only about 10% are known cases get a sore throat anyway, and it's rarely the only symptom, so the odds are very slim. But I have serious beliefs about responsibilities and don't want to be a hypocrite (even though...I did go through all the proper channels).

I was able to get our beach trip rescheduled. Last year we went to Oregon Inlet which we loved, but it's a national park and isn't opening back up until two days after our reservation. The state parks I could find that were near the beach were mostly under construction, either planned or from last year's hurricane we are going to a small private campground. We'll see how it goes, but I think we will all need this getaway.

All in all, I'm basically going to do a slow burn back to normal...if normal is even a thing, I personally think it won't be all the way normal again until next year after we have a vaccine and it's been in place for a few months. But, again...I don't do hoops. I don't do lines. I do calm and orderly and fun and realistic. And those people who need to be out and about? They can have it. I miss my people, but I don't need restaurants and in-person retail and my faith is not harmed from a building being closed. I've come to terms with my decision. The thing that has bugged me is everyone acting like if you aren't going to restaurants every night and walking into stores without masks you are "living in fear." No homie, I was never that person and wearing a damn $5 masks is no more frustrating to me than wearing a seat-belt. I'm fine.

But I will say- please don't be a dick. Not sure why that has to be said, but don't. I don't agree with all the choices people are making, but there is a 0.5% chance that being a dick will help. My mom works in retail and has to wear a mask and take extra precautions now as part of her job. A customer was very rude to her about it. Dude, WTF?! IT IS LITERALLY PART OF HER JOB, and how about "If you don't like it, get the hell out/go back where you came from (aka home, where you should probably be anyway)."

Strangers don't want to hear your opinions. Not if they are pregnant, not if they are wearing a mask, not if they are wearing a mask incorrectly...lament to your friends, your close circle, if needed, but DON'T BE A DICK.


  1. I have a relative who is very ANTI-mask and how it's taking away rights, etc etc.. I just cannot. AND THENNNN.. my father.. who rarely posts on FB.. whose opinions on most things political are the exact opposite of mine, posted some copy/paste bullshit about how people need to go back to work. DUDE, DAFUQ? My stepmom has been making MORE money being out of work for COVID than she was working! She makes almost as much as him right now and she was a part time worker. All the while, he's continued to work just like normal, acting like he's being "sooo careful" and as if he's some sort of martyr for GOING to work, even though he could do EVERYTHING for his job from home. There are not enough facepalm emojis for my feelings.