July 2020 Check-In

Hello again, world. My blogging is super inconsistent right now, and it just is what it is.

I'm doing okay. My family drama is still going on, but it's slowed down slightly. Of course, when it comes to health problems for the elderly...that can change at any moment. Do I feel like the rug is thisclose to being pulled out from under me at all times? Yes. Has it been still long enough that I'm almost lulled into a sense of security? Yes. It's a weird way to live life.

NC is still in Phase 2 re: COVID. This was originally projected for maybe the 3rd week in June, and will now extend until August. I'm not mad, I'm resigned. TBH, the worst part of this is me trying to figure out how in the world the holidays will work in the middle of a pandemic. Because I'm not counting on change until we get a vaccine, and even then...probably another two months. If it's easily available and affordable...which I'm not sure it will be in the US. That being said, I'm grateful for NC's mandatory mask order. I've been mostly doing it anyway, but this is getting some attention and I'm grateful. I hope that everyone worried about the economy realizes that this is the easiest and best way to get back out there. Did I order at pack of Old Navy masks specifically to get one in my school colors so I could color coordinate when I finally get the directive to go back to work? Damn straight I did. Mask fashion is totally a thing now, and I'm down.

Re: systematic racism...I'm trying to educate myself. I've made it a priority to read books by Black authors, and have been on a reading streak TBH. Making it a priority again. Following more Black people who are willing to educate and share resources via Instagram, and I'm so thankful for them. TBH, that's about it right now because I'm still semi-quarantining. Have had a few conversations with family members, small potatoes though. Call your local politicians and let them know this shit has gone on for two long. Listen to those who are experiencing it. Find a long-term way to be an ally. Or at least...that's what I'm doing. Hope it amounts to something.

Oh, and I'm following via Insta because I deactivated Facebook. Semi miss it for the local COVID updates from my governor, and my workout group. But, overall, it was the right decision. It's easier to love people when I don't have to see everything they see and agree without actually thinking about it. Fully believe there is a reason God didn't make us able to read each other's minds.

My aunt offered us a desk and bed for Babycakes from my cousin, who is getting an upgrade now that she's out of high school. Said yes before I realized the problems getting it to our house from my parent's house, three hours away...since we don't own a truck. Hubs said I should have turned it down, but I didn't even consider the issues until it was already moved. FML.

Speaking of vehicles- apparently we may have to shop for a new one about a year earlier than we hoped. My hubs thought his breaks were off, but it turned out to be something else...and they've stopped making the parts for his vehicle. The mechanic is literally trying to call salvage shops for a part. Apparently most people don't keep cars for 10-15 years...but we do. We had plans to be debt free within 1-1.5 years, and that will be pushed off if we have to purchase a new vehicle. It's completely doable, just not preferable.

I may have had a margarita for lunch. I don't binge by any means, but sometimes a good stiff drink really does help. I have few vices in this world, mkay?

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  1. You must be projecting because 2021 is in the title. ;)
    I want to fight the good fight, but I'm so down-trodden right now I can't even help myself and I know I'm no use to others.. I'll get there, but today is not that day.

    I feel like a good stiff drink would really help ease some of this anxiety. :D