The Arc of a Scythe series by Neal Shusterman



to T. Swift when I'm chill and Lizzo when I need to hype up



Twins the New Trend on YouTube, which is the most awesome channel by two guys in their early 20s who listen to all kinds of music for the first time and post their reactions. So far I've watched them hear Jolene by Dolly Parton, Crazy by Gnarls Barkley, Hey Ya by Outkast, and they lost their minds over Fallin' by Alicia Keys. It makes me feel old AF. Do yourself a favor and watch.



CLIF Bar Peanut Butter Banana with Dark Chocolate Energy Bars. When my life feels...unsettled, I don't like to eat. Either due to time or just...nothing sounds good. So protein bars are where it's at lately. Not for every meal, but if I am running late or needing a little something, it's better than just not eating.



Margaritas, because...margaritas. And 2020.



A garage shelving unit. Because we are those adults now. Also, found a free fridge on the side of the road for our "drinks" fridge, so we're also those people. But hey, it works and our garage is officially middle-class and suburban now.


A date night with Hubs. That feels like the one thing I can't really adjust too...we have done lunch dates and to-go dates, but a truly free night out with just each other to focus on seems so far away, in both directions. 



 To get my sleep schedule under eff'ing control.



About the paper bunting I can't wait to hang up in my other office, where I'll be spending one day a week, because it's currently all white like a 20 year old's first apartment and makes me feel like I should be in a straight jacket.  


Late to the party on

Hamilton. Finally watched it with Hubs yesterday, and it is exactly as spectacular as everyone said. Deserves all the hype for all time.


Grateful for

Girls nights with friends. 


Proud of myself for

Taking the steps to feel better and persevere and the hard work of self-care...not just bubble baths, but actually changing my behavior and thought patterns so I can thrive.

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  1. You know what.. drinks/garage fridge is where it's at. So much more space in my house fridge for actual things I need.. AND it means the temptation for beer/soda isn't ALWAYS IN YO FACE.

    Also, yes to the protein things. I went toward the Carnation Instant Breakfast shakes, but there are just some mornings that a bowl of cereal that gets too soggy too fast or an egg and toast is just too much work.