Blog Tools

Blog template was purchased from BloggerTemplate on Etsy. My particular blog is called Versailles which does not currently appear on Etsy. However, there are still several wonderful layouts available. The shop appears to run sales fairly often, so you can get a layout for less than 10$ on sale, although full price is less than 15$. Can't beat it. It basically sets up the layout and headers all that, but completely customizable as far as colors and you can add picture headers and widgets and it's great. It's a combination of DIY and purchased layouts, which is perfect for me. And again, the price is very affordable and totally worth it. I usually change layouts about every where, but this way I can change things super easily and get a whole new look but keep the same foundation without paying more money or spending a ton of time.

Most pictures come from Unsplash and are edited with Canva. These are great tools for bloggers and I encourage you to check them out!

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